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New wheel / cassette & grinding

jonbob78jonbob78 Posts: 70
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Ive just upgraded my wheels to Mavic krysiums and fitted a SRAM 10 speed cassette. This changed from ritchey wheels with a 10 speed shimano cassette. The rest of my group set is all SRAM Rival, with the exception of a shimano chain so assume compatability won't be an issue.

I noticed a grinding noise coming from the rear déraileur. I've adjusted the limit screws and when turning the pedals backward & forwards with no pressure runs smoothly, however it seems to grind as soon as any pressure is applied?

Prior to the change it was running very smoothly.....any suggestions?



  • TommyEssTommyEss Posts: 1,855
    Have you put the chain through the rear deraiileur properly? I managed to make it go outside the lower cage once.

    *(Shaddup it was a long time ago, alright!)
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  • rsandsrsands Posts: 60
    When you say grinding does it grind like it wants to change gear?
  • Could be that the chain-line is now out. Check if the grinding is more when the chain is at an angle. Better to measure the chain-line to be sure.
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