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I was looking to buy one these second hand .. i am 5ft 7 in with and inside leg of about 29 to 30 inches the frame size is 54 cm do you think that this will fit ok the bike is not in a shop i cannot go in try it for size so i stumped there.... so what do think


  • if it helps im 5'10 with a 29 inside leg and have a 56cm madone 5.9 , not the best way i know but hope it helps :)
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    Hard to say as reach as much as stand over comes into play. I ride a 5 series Madone in a 56cm at 5'11" and inside leg at 32". I would have thought a 52cm frame would be closer to your needs but the 54cm with a short stem may be fine.

    Why not go to a LBS that stock Trek and try for size? At least then if you are buying without being able to try the actual bike you will know how it fits. The 5 series has same geometry just check if the bike you intend to buy is a H1 or H2 frame so you can compare like with like.
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