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I've been riding my 10 year old GT for a while and decided to upgrade with a view to joining the local club and having a go (in fun) of the various disciplines.

Basically I'm after a 'jack-of-all-trades' bike that I can take for a ride then take to the club to compete.

I've narrowed'ish my search down to a few so far - GT GTR Series 2 and a Ribble Evo Pro Carbon Campag/Gran Fondo Campag/Sportive Racing Campag- mainly due to various tests and the fact there is a deal to be had on both bikes.

Has any body any first-hand experience of these bikes (bad points, problems, etc), or can suggest a better bike in that price range (if there is a deal on somewhere)?

Or should I just stick with my 10 year old GT - I've upgraded it over the years and was going to use it as a winter trainer, wait to see if any better deals arise over Winter?



  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Around £1k.
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    What disciplines? Racing? Time trials? Sportives?
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  • Hi,

    Not sure - fancied a go at everything at first to see what I liked (fun only), that's why I wanted an all-rounder that I could swap bars etc, for whatever I had planned.