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Are bigger guys quicker on the flats?

alex1robalex1rob Posts: 95
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Random and probably too simplistic question. Do taller guys with bigger muscle mass/frame go quicker on the flats/TTs relative to the amount of fitness? As in two guys who are training partners and began cycling at the same time would the taller one always have the advantage on the flats?

I have a few friends that are a good few inches taller than me and they never seem to falter in pushing me hard along the flat although I tend to pip them up the hills.



  • jibberjimjibberjim Posts: 2,810
    When riding on the flat power to aerodynamics become the dominant factor. When riding up very steep hills, power to weight, in between others do. Because of the way the human body scales the larger guy typically gets a lower aerodynamic penalty from the extra size, but produce more power. So yes, commonly the larger guy will do better.

    You should have no problem drafting a larger guy though, so they should really struggle to drop you, the drafting benefits will outweigh the aerodynamic advantages (outside a TT of course)
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