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Winter training lights?

Mr cyclistMr cyclist Posts: 42
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After lots of reading or reviews and forum discussions, I still can't decide what light to buy for winter training. Needs to be bright enough to cycle on unlit country roads, needs to be cheap(ish) less than £100 at the very most, preferably £80. Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • bugsrabbitbugsrabbit Posts: 182
    Looked at this one last year, but didn't get round to buying one ... ont-light/
  • Ka12Ka12 Posts: 216
    I bought one of these recently and it is really bright and lights up country lanes very well.
  • ricklilleyricklilley Posts: 110
    +1 for the Lezyne lights, i've got the Mini Drive (the smallest in the range). Got it as part of a magazine subscription, but i had been looking at buying one anyway.

    Burn time on mine is approx 40mins on brightest beam, then it drops to a flashing mode. Not a problem since my commute is about 30 mins. Lights the road up well, even on the unlit roads i cycle on, and i've even had cars dipping their lights coming towards me.

    Theres also a Power Drive model for about £80. And you can buy replacable rechargable batteries for them.
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  • bails87bails87 Posts: 12,998
    Magicshine MJ872. Used mine all through winter for commuting and MTBing without it skipping a beat.

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  • jezzasnrjezzasnr Posts: 225
    Magicshine MJ872 very good value for the output. Butchered an old bottle to hold the battery & used all through last winter with no problems. it's golden
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