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Which Bike??? AAgh!!

RaggamuffinRaggamuffin Posts: 3
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I am totally new to this, hence the post.... i have cycled most of my life and normally purchase simple straight forward run of the mill average bikes from some of the larger shops you normally find in those horrible shopping areas on the outskirts of small towns and cities...I shall not mention any names here except to say my last experience was awful and i have sworn never to step foot across their doorway again.. long story short i currently cycle a hybrid that was bought for as a birthday present and i am not mad keen about...but to be fair it does exactly what it says on the tin...
i have recently saved up a little bit of cash and am in the market for a new bike. i have been trawling the interweb and magazines to try and get good value for money, good build quality, something i like the look of, and something that will do me in the city for buzzing in and out of traffic and also on the open road if i feel like getting away from my adorable girlfriend for a few hours. i am 6 ft 2 about 15 stone (not my ideal weight, hence the bike). i have an inside leg of about 32cm. i'll be honest i looked at the likes of the identit persona and the moongoose maurice and thought "yeah thats me!" but then i realised i am kidding myself.. what i am looking at more seriously though is the likes of the genesis flyer, on-one macinato or the kona band wagon?? (single speed or fixed as i have never had been mechanically minded though happy to try and learn) and it's pretty flat were i live....
as this is my first time ever spending any time actually caring about the bike i am buying (sorry if that offends anyone) i am also a bit confused by the likes of chainreaction, winstanley, wiggle etc.... they don't seem to have a lot of the bikes they advertise, they don't have the sizes and there is a lot of difference in the years..... i.e i saw a very nice kona band wagon 2010 reduced from £775 to £450 on one website... to me that seems like a good deal, but is it? is there something they are not telling me? i also saw an on-one macinato reviewed recently and it was supposedly £699. if you go to the on-one website it is £399 reduced from £599...... they look the same but a lot of the parts are different...??
anyway i have gone on a bit and i really was looking for some advice, ideally not more than £550 for a bike that will give me a last me a fair bit and also is up for a bit of customising down the road if need be.....

thanks in advance


  • I started commuting on an MTB.. Knobbly wheels and found it awful - put semi slicks on and found it made a huge difference - but I've just bought a carrera TDF road bike and whoa it's quick! I love that bike.. Yeah it's only an entry level roadie but it's awesome.. My advice is get a road bike straight away.. You'll only end up getting one in a few months :-)
    When I was looking it was very much a race between the btwin triban 3 and the carrera.. You don't need to spend a fortune to get a good solid commuter.
  • thanks for the tip, i may have to re-evaluate before laying any cash down. i really appreciate the help and you sharing your experience.
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