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RST Deuce Coil question (poss general fork question)

roliusprimeroliusprime Posts: 30
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Hi all,

I've recently purchased a cannondale SL3 with the above fork. I also ride a bike with a Rockshox Tora 302 - anyway the cannondale's fork and front wheel feel a bit weird - almost loose... I've reseated the wheel to check no prob there and I've adjusted the headset etc to make sure everything is tightened up but the prob persists.

It kinda feels like there is 3-5mm of (loose) give in the fork itself when under load (even when locked out) which produces the loose feeling. I'll prob just take it down to my LBS but wanted to hear if anyone had any experience of this here first and perhaps some advice?

thanks for your help


  • Could be the bushes in the fork? Put your hand on the outer fork leg apply the front brakes and feel if the top of the outer move or knock. (if you put half your hand on the stanchion and half on the lowers it might be easier Sounds a bit rough though for a new bike imho..... Although RST that i have used all had bushing play! :shock:.

  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Are you sure the headset is adjusted properly? That's the most common area of play. Especially if it's new - shouldn't be any play in the forks.
    Or loose rotors.
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  • thanks for the advice guys. Very helpful! Getting out on it tomorrow so will check out what youve suggested and feedback.

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