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Need advice to improve fitness quickly

cgamblecgamble Posts: 8
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Hey guys, I just joined up to the forums today after a few days of snooping around reading everything I could. I'm a 20 y/o guy from the North of England, though I'm currently in London for the next month or so. My dad used to road race and after much encouragement and persuasion I've decided to finally give it ago. Now after about a week of riding I'm starting to regret not starting at 15, and putting myself in with a chance of entering some of the junior comps!

All I wanted to know is, what kind of believable target can I move towards, and what is the best way to go about building fitness quickly if the goal is to race? I'm around 5'11, 13 stone and pretty muscular, and find myself riding about 10 miles around busy roads within the space of an hour, which I realise is pretty slow.

Would you guys recommend me riding around park like areas e.g Regents Park, and trying to push myself to do a particular amount of miles within an hour? I'm loving riding around busy city centres in London, but I kind of feel like I'm not pushing myself enough to improve with all the stopping and starting along the way!

Any advice much appreciated.


  • kieranbkieranb Posts: 1,674
    Well, if you're only in London for a month I won't suggest joining a local club, do that when you get back home or settle somewhere for a while. I would get out into the surrounding countryside rather than cycle around London, where you won't be stopping all the time and can get some nice hills in, you could probably do this by turning up at a few club rides for a try out if you don't know the area. Also I would think longer term rather than trying to rush in for this season.
  • Simon MastersonSimon Masterson Posts: 2,740
    Regular intense exercise is what will make you fit. Eat properly and use energy products to maximise your performance and exertion. Using recovery products will help you to recuperate as well as to build muscle.

    But effective cycling is something you need to learn from other cyclists, particularly if you want to learn how to ride in a group, so I second the club suggestion.
  • teisetrotterteisetrotter Posts: 329
    If you are in North London start at Totenham Court Road and ride all the way to the top of parliament hill a few times, that will help.
  • DubcatDubcat Posts: 831
    There is a book which you can buy from amazon called the time crunched cyclist. I don't have it myself but I asked a similar question and this book was recommended to me by many people. Apparently it has good training plans for people with limited riding time. Maybe worth checking that out?
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  • cgamblecgamble Posts: 8
    Thanks for the advice guys. I'll definitely give the book a check, as will I the recommended route Teise. Club cycling was definitely an aim, though I feel like I need to ride a little bit longer before I join others. I'm also a little bit torn as I study in a different city from which I originate. Is anyone a member of a club in Manchester or Leeds?
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