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24hole wheels okay for XC?

JomoxJomox Posts: 250
edited August 2012 in MTB buying advice

I can get some nice wheels cheap. These here:
But not from there (Can get them below £100 and brand new)

Riding will be doing on them is allot of trails, in woods and general trails on gravel/mud etc (some aggressive type XC stuff) and allot of road riding also. (On hardtail Scott Scale) So just wondering will these hold up okay with 24H?



  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    If they are built correctly and you are nor too heavy they should hold up fine. My front wheel has 18 spokes!
  • JomoxJomox Posts: 250
    Okay thanks for the info. I am quite heavy at 93kg, would this be a problem? (Will be loosing weight though guess will go down to around 85kg) They are well built from what I have read.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Still should be ok. I am 85kg, my Crossmax Enduro hold up fine. There is a fair bit of weight to the wheels you list, so will have strong stiff rims.
  • JomoxJomox Posts: 250
    I've been looking at Crossmax's also, but you've gave me enough confidence to go ahead with those wheels. Thanks again for the info helps allot.
  • JomoxJomox Posts: 250
    I got the wheels and they are nice sepcially for the price I paid for them (Brand new for £90 of a friend) hubs are smooth and they seem very well built. Not the lightest but can't complain at this price.

    I was considering getting Mavic Crossride 2011 (24h) as they on sale at CRC right now and would of got them if I had not found these Vetrax D2 going cheap I think, hopefully they hold up nicely.
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