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Hi everyone, I may be about to ask a daft question, but oh well - here goes!

Is there an iPhone app or other product available that I can use to plot a specific route on, then take on my bike and follow that route via GPS? So, rather than just putting in start and destination addresses, to plot the specific route then have it direct you when you are out pedalling? For example when you are taking part in a unsigned, organised ride, some which which you could plot the specific route on and be directed round, rather than having to stop at every junction to read a map?

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    I believe you can get a satnav app however I also believe they suck a lot of battery power so don't last long without plugging the phone into a booster battery which are also available.

    I used to use Cyclemeter on iPhone to track my rides but that was not preloaded routes but a record of the road travelled with elevations and time and speed data recorded. Useful but not what you are looking for.

    I have since treated myself to a Garmin Edge 800. Fantastic bit of kit that records and displays all the ride data you could ever need as well as full Gps sat nav. I would recommend this route if satnav is your thing and get something fit for purpose. Other models available from Bryton that get good reviews and are a little cheaper than the Garmins and worth looking at.
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    That's what Garmin Edge's are for arnie.
    I'm another who can attest to the awesomeness of owning one.
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    The Bryton looks an interesting cheaper alternative. Anyone got any experience of one - I am thinking the 50 or 50T....

    Vinn - 705 or 800? Alot of money - I guess from your reply - they are worth it. Are they good for both road and off road?
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    arnie1000 wrote:
    Vinn - 705 or 800? Alot of money - I guess from your reply - they are worth it. Are they good for both road and off road?
    705 is the previous model and was replaced a couple of years ago by the 800. I doubt if you can still buy a 705 brand new, if you can it will be very old stock. You can save money by buying the basic unit and putting the free Open Street Maps (OSM) on it, instead of buying Garmin's maps.

    I have street maps which are good for road cycling. You can get OSM cycle path maps which might include some off road tracks, or the full Ordanence Survey Maps which show all the trails. I have used it off road, not to follow a track, but to get me back to the start point.
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    I am in the process of selling my Bryton Rider 50 and buying a Garmin 800. I wanted the 800 to start with but struggled to justify the cost, however I wish I had gone straight for the 800.

    The Bryton mapping is easy to use however the turn by turn directions are not great and I couldn't get it so the map turned to show you going along the route, the map always pointed north (even when disabling the always north option) so when you were travelling south it was more difficult to work out which way to turn.

    I have gone for the basic 800 unit after downloading some OSM maps free online, these seem great for road riding however if you are planning on going off road you would be better buying the trail bundle which includes OS 1:50K maps.
  • Thanks Ka12. I am trying to weigh up whether I can justify the cost, but am beginning to think the 800 is the thing to go for - it looks a great bit of kit.

    I think you can get it for around £270 - the basic unit, then I can add bit as necessary....

    In terms of logging all my rides, setting up training sessions, navigating the countryside, pre planning routes to follow then the 800 is the right tool for the job - right?
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    The basic unit is available for £251 including delivery from handtec

    The 800 will do everything you need it to do for logging rides, training sessions, pre-planned routes etc