Painting carbon?

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A search was inconclusive, but I can't believe I am the only one who has looked into this.

I have a carbon bike frame which from the factory is/was a satin/matt white finish. Sadly it's not looking too great any more, so i'm looking to get it repainted.

I'd like to send it off to someone to tidy up & repaint (probably a satin black) but can't seem to find anyone who works with carbon. Argos Cycles don't really seem interested as they are too busy with work anyway (suggested trying over winter when they are quiet) and Google proves inconclusive too.

Does anyone have any recommendations/suggetions? Not after a fancy multi colour job, just a well finished one colour, with tough paint :)


  • giant_man
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    Atlantic Boulevard are very good
  • Monty Dog
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    I've had 2 frames refinished by Atlantic Boulevard - top quality but may be expensive. The only problem with carbon is you can't use abrasive blasting or paintstripper to remove the paint, or a baked-finish so it does require a little more time / care. To save yourself money, you could dismantle the bike and rub-down the frame yourself using progressive grades of wet and dry - a local automotive refinisher might then be happy to do a respray to your spec.
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    PM me. I've done a number of frames and habit too busy booking wise so am inclined to do cheap deals! Lol