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Beginner Bike Advice Needed...

Peteh7Peteh7 Posts: 3
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Hi All

Just in the process of researching and looking to buy my first road bike but am struggling with all the choice and would love any advice or recommendations you can offer.

I've given myself a budget of up to £900/£1000. At the minute the 2 bikes which are taking my fancy are a Specialized Elite Secteur '12 and a Ribble Gran Fondo, 2 completely different bikes. I don't have much idea about spec etc, I have tried the Specialized but the Ribble's shop is based at Preston and is a bit of a trak for me to go and get measured up at.

What do you think about either of these bikes and are there any others that are very good bike at similar prices?I'm based in Leeds and do like to be able to go and see the bike before and get a feel for it ideally.

Once i've got the bike i'm sure it's a hobby I'm going to really get stuck in to!

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Pete


  • ALaPlageALaPlage Posts: 732
    Both bikes you mention are good road bikes and suitable to get you started. Best to try bikes for size, feel and fit if you can and Evans nr the train station in Leeds would be good to visit from the point of view they are good at giving test rides and you can research their stock online. Anything not in the Leeds branch they will usually happy get in for you to try if it's in stock in the group.

    Woodrup cycles on Kirkstall Rd I have found to be really helpful and my friend bought his Pinarello FP1 off them a couple of years ago and has been delighted with his bike and the help he got from the shop staff. I've used them for bits of kit and have always found them to be very accommodating.

    In your price bracket I'd recommend Cube Peloton. Good level of kit for the money and one brand who put a slightly better wheelset on their base bikes. The Peloton coming with Tiagra groupset and Easton wheels for around £750. A little more and you could step up to Shimano 105.

    Lots to choose from in your budget and others to consider are the Specialized Allez, Cannondale CAAD 8, Trek Madone 3.1 if you shop around as on discount at around £1k for a carbon frame bike with decent kit, Boardman and Giant.

    Important you try for feel and fit where possible. If you can travel Cycleworks in York are also another great bike shop not too far away and also worth a trip along the M62 to Bury and Leisure Lake bikes who are really helpful.
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  • coopsman1coopsman1 Posts: 337
    Is this you new to road biking as in you have never owned a road bike or ridden for years?

    Reason I ask is you would be better off saving £100's of pounds and buying a cheaper bike as a started in case you don't enjoy it.
  • Peteh7Peteh7 Posts: 3
    Cheers for the advice mate, that's really useful. Will have a look at the Cube.

    Yeah I've been riding on and off for a while but mountain bikes mainly so road bikes are new to me. Will be nice to be able to just jump on a bike and go where the wind takes me without having to travel by car to decent woods/trails etc.

    I just don't want to buy something too cheap only to be disappointed with it further down the line and then have to spend another £1000 so feel I am best getting something decent.

    Cheers guys
  • ALaPlageALaPlage Posts: 732
    If you have the money to invest in your cycling then stretching your budget will get you something a little lighter which always helps but not essential. Anything circa £1k will get you a good road bike. I've just bought my new Trek from the Bike Factory in Chester and dropped it in today for its first free service. They have a Madone 4.5 in stock at £1495 if you wanted a carbon bike with Ultegra groupset. Would more than suit your needs and be suitable as your cycling develops if you were worried about wanting to trade up a bike further down the line.

    That said my buddy bought the Cube Peloton from Leisure Lake bikes and loves it. He was an mtb'er who found he was riding more on the road. Took his average speed up from 12 mph to 14.5 mph overnight when he moved to the Cube. He is now averaging over 16 mph and has the confidence to join me on Sportives having signed up for his third event this coming September, the Manchester 100. I have to say the Cube seems great value, looks good and he only paid £700 with Easton wheels and Tiagra groupset. You can buy it with a 105 groupset for a little more.

    Inevitably for most cyclists there always comes a point when if the cycling bug takes hold the desire for something "better" comes along. Spend as much as you can afford to try and minimise that but there is no need to spend a fortune just for the sake of it. As you go up in price the gains become more and more minimal per pound spent.

    Anyway enjoy your cycle search as that can be as fun as it is frustrating and confusing :D once you have a shortlist of bikes to try though don't procrastinate or you'll never get out on the road which is where the real fun lies. Go with what feels right and is in budget or budget stretch :lol:
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