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help buying first mtb

tucker121tucker121 Posts: 9
edited August 2012 in MTB buying advice
Hello im thinking of taking up mtb ing and really need some help i have not got a huge budget, im looking at £160 for my dad and up to £200 for myself. I have been looking at new bikes and some old but rather a new 1. all i want is something that will not break down easy? i have seen a few if you could give me any advice thanks

Im just have no idea if they will be Halfords quality, or better. my dad is insisting on going to halfords tomorrow to spend £79 but said he would spend £160 if i find a good 1. all i want i think is good front suspension (the best cheapest) if that makes sence i might be able to stretch the budget for me! my dad and i will only be cycling flat groung mainly (cycle track) as he is 55+ mayby he would be better with a hybrid not sure what it is? i would not mind spending more on myself as i might use it for small mountain biking in the future with my other friends many thanks sorry for the long read. really need some help


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