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MTB for my partner

BikernatSBikernatS Posts: 57
edited July 2012 in MTB buying advice
My partner is currently in London covering G4s' censored and when he gets back hes looking at getting a MTB so we can go together.

I'm currently riding a Voodoo Bantu which I love and would recommend to him but obviously we dont want to be riding the same bike as it would look abit daft lol. So would anyone recommend something for him? He is looking to spend around £500, I dont think he will go any higher as we don't realy need the spec of anything better with what were going to be using the bikes for.

I was thinking the Voodoo Hoodoo? but definately interested to see what else is out there for around that price and simular, if not better spec :D

Thanks :D


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