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Campagnolo Zonda Bearings

nevicanevica Posts: 31
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I have the Campagnolo Zonda wheels.

On the Campagnolo website it tells me that the Zonda bearings are "standardised bearings front/rear".

Does this mean they are maintenance free or not. If not what do I need to do to maintain them.




  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 27,896
    Campagnolo use cone/ball type bearings, which require occasional maintenance. They are reasonably well sealed, so, unless you do ride for hours in a storm, the grease should last well in excess of one year. I have only recently greased a Campagnolo hub from 1981.
    Cone/ball might need the occasional adjustment, but I expect the Zonda to be on the upper side of the grade/machining tolerance, hence pretty much trouble free
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