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Mac418sMac418s Posts: 12
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I am very new to cycling and looking to pick up a new bike in the next couple of weeks. I previously had a 2005 focus road road bike ( almost given to me by a friend£250) that I used to commute around 8 miles Unfortunately my previous bike has been stolen and now I am investing some money into a new bike (around £1000-£1300) I am hoping to use my bike a little more than just a couple of miles to work and back each day.
Since I have started " looking into " what bike I would like to get things seam to have become complicated.
My main use for the bike will be commuting and as I am not as fit as I should be fitness training, i have then intention of joining my local club for a Sunday morning ride and see where that takes me.
The one issue I had with my previous bike is that on the odd occasion I would like to use some of the trails / light off roading near to my home with the wife.
The one bike that has stood out to me is the specialised tricross bike cost £1200 and I think that seam a lot of bike for the money. Whats your thought on the bike to what I am doing or shoud I look for a dedicated road bike cost around £1000-£1200 and purches a inexpensive MTB or hybrid?
I would really appreciate any feed bike or alternative bike to have a look at
Thank you



  • simon_mastersonsimon_masterson Posts: 2,740
    Getting a road bike for £1000 and then a cheap MTB or hybrid isn't a bad idea at all. You could always reassess your requirements later. :)
  • kentphilkentphil Posts: 479
    Was your previous bike stolen from where you commute to? If there isn't a secure place to leave your bike I wouldn't buy an expensive bike for the commute. As said above cheap bike for commuting and spend the bulk of your budget on a decent road bike.
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  • Mac418sMac418s Posts: 12
    I had my bike in a locked garage with 2 other bike although new they are cheap bikes. the other 2 bikes were left. I loved the idea of having 1 bike able to everything I would do on a bike, that said I am starting to lean towards 2 bikes.
    Any suggestions on a road bike for around a £1000 after searching the Internet almost obsessively there are lots of good bikes around
  • ALaPlageALaPlage Posts: 732
    One bike as a do it all for the rides you are looking for would fall into the cyclocross genre. Plenty of choice on budget with the Tricross you mention as well as Cannondale CAAD X and offerings from Ridley, Kinesis, Kona.

    As most of my riding is on road my investment is in a quality road bike and then I went down the Ebay route for a second bike for the little canal tow paths and forest trail rides I occasionally go out on. This has also become a bit of a winter training bike too when the roads are just that bit wet and gungy and I don't feel comfortable taking the road bike out on for the day.

    I picked up a Kinesis Crosslight 4T with 105 group set and Mavic wheels for £330 off said auction site.

    Everyone is different but I would suggest you consider spending around £1000 of your budget on a road bike and there is lots of choice there with the remainder on a second hand cyclocross or mtb.

    For the road something like a Specialized Secteur or Allez, Trek 1.5, Cube Peloton, Cannondale CAAD 8 or CAAD 10 may give you a starter for 10 and help you understand what you like and what spec you may get for your cash. There are many other brands such as Giant and Boardman as well as Felt and Focus or internet suppliers like Ribble, Canyon and De Rosa. Ideally go to the local bike shop or even Evans (who are good for test rides if nothing else) to see whats in budget but what fits and feels right for you.

    On Ebay - something like this ... 500wt_1192

    or ... 516wt_1192

    may be close to what would be left of your total budget.

    Part of the fun is when you are choosing a new bike so enjoy your search and enjoy your cycling.
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  • Mac418sMac418s Posts: 12
    Thanks for the advise I went for the tricross elite in the end I just liked the idea of a 1 bike for most things
  • ALaPlageALaPlage Posts: 732
    Enjoy your new bike. Good choice.
    Trek Madone 5.9
    Kinesis Crosslight T4
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