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spd-sl advice please

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Hi all,
having got my new bike i have decided to venture into the world of clipless pedals. I have bought my self some shimano r-540 pedals and cleats, i've been reading a few bits on how to set them up and i have to admit i'm a bit puzzled. Most website guides i have found say that i should attach the pedals (obviously) then attach the cleats to my shoes, all good so far. After this i'm a bit stumped, as it says to only do up the cleat bolts enough to hold them on to the shoes, and not to fully tighten them, then pedal like this in order to find my optimum cleat position. How, once i have found my cleat position, do i get my shoes off the pedals to tighten them in position with out the cleats moving from my natural foot position? As surely if the cleat bolts are lose enough to allow for the cleats to find my natural position, wont they move when i try to unclip in order to fully tighten the bolts :?


  • ... -position/

    Have a look at the link, Steve Hogg knows his stuff :-))
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  • lc1981lc1981 Posts: 820
    When I got mine, I tightened the bolts fully, with the cleats in a central position, and then gave them a go. As it happened, that position suited me fine, but I would make adjustments as and when you think they're necessary after a quick ride, rather than trying to do it with the bolts only partly tightened.
  • In my quest to find a way to set up my cleats to a comfy position, i have found the Ergon tp1 cleat tool. Does anyone know if this works or if its a gimmick? some reviews i have come across seem to rate it highly, how can i use it to find my optimum heel in/out position?
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