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Ok, so he's got big quads...

greg66_tri_v2.0greg66_tri_v2.0 Posts: 7,172
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But he'd be made mincemeat by the Embankment peloton ... d-off.html

Or possibly not...
Swim. Bike. Run. Yeah. That's what I used to do.

Bike 1
Bike 2-A


  • cyclingpropcyclingprop Posts: 2,426
    Filtering might be a challenge with those though.
    What do you mean you think 64cm is a big frame?
  • Föstermann's thighs may be scary (and may even be obtained honestly), but Hoy and Baugé seem to regularly take him in the sprint.
    mroli wrote:
    (Michel) Roux has the scary eyes of an inner Begbie...
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