Problem with firefox and subscribing to threads

apreading Posts: 4,535
The last week or so, I have found that the grey bar at the bottom of threads has no hyperlinks in it to subscribe to threads or other stuff. I cannot subscribe to a thread without using the full editor and posting onto it. I just checked Chrome and it has the same problem. Works OK in Internet Explorer 6 - but then loads of other things dont because I am not allowed to upgrade IE at work.

In IE it shows the following:

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but just a grey bar in Firefox and Chrome. Has something changed here? It always used to work, but that may have been before the option to delete board cookies was added - I dont remember that one, and I know some new cookie rules have been enforced recently. I am guessing changes to add this might have broken something in certain browsers?

Also, I have tried in the most up to date firefox and a fairly old version that I have on laptop and both are broken, as is Chrome on dektop and laptop.