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Packed Touring in Ireland : Choice of Tires

JootjeJootje Posts: 2
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My wife and I are planning a 2 week road trip in Ireland in mid August, cycling the west coast and up north. Already gathered alot of info, but I'm still a bit in doubt as to what tires to use.

Our plan is to travel light, no camping an only hotel/B&B etc. This to keep te amount of luggage to a minimum (2 packs on a rear pannier). We have 2 sporty touring bikes (ID Worxs Rapid One) than can run 28mm tires max (brakes and frame limit size).

The info on the roads in Ireland varies from abominable to great, and we've seen pictures of people using all sorts of bikes, from MTB to race. So I'd like to know if anyone (local) can give some first hand experience. Will we do fine with the 28mm tires (currently Schwalbe Durano) or will for sure be in for a lot of trouble? I'll cary an extra set of tires and a bunch of tubes, so a few flats won't spoil our holiday.

I know bigger tires would help avoiding issues, but that means buying new bikes, and we already have to much of them

Appreciate any feedback.


  • dylanfernleydylanfernley Posts: 409
    relax, your'e going to ireland, roads are good generally, and smaller roads are the best, lightly used but maintained, they still have public sector roadworkers over there, your 28's will be comfy and able to withstand pretty much most things, even good on tracks--- oh and there are plenty of places to get a bike fixed, even motor garages will help you out-- i cannot recommend the place enough ---- one of Europes hidden gems, lots of people look to the continent for 'foreign' trips , going west to Ireland is as good as anywhere , ok no giant climbs, but pretty much everything else and no language issues--- have a great time!
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    There is a strong roadie club scene in Ireland and they ride the usual tyres. 28mm is just fine for light B&B touring and can cope with most of the tracks and trails as well as lanes.
    There is a good bikeshop in Bantry so i dont think you need lots of spare tyres. A boot should suffice.
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