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Cube Aerial Vs Specialised Appollo

4768adrian4768adrian Posts: 25
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Hello all. I am going through Halfords Cycle2work scheme, but will only have £500 to spend as my company have set that as a limit. I will mainly be using the bike to cycle about 10 miles a day, 3 times a week, and also hopefully at weekends with my son, if we can get him a decent bike for a decent price. I have been to 2 local bike shops to see if they take the vouchers.

The 1st shop said they do, and have advised me that a Specialized Allez 16 would be ideal. It is up for £550 and they have said that they will accept the vouchers, but i could pay the difference in cash.

The 2nd shop said they would have to check the vouchers to see if they can take them. They have advised a Cube Aerial at £500 but I would then have to pay 10% extra, as that is what they lose through the scheme.

So for the same money, which is the better bike?

Or do I stick with Halfords and get a £300 carrera TDF and £200 accesories?


  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    I have the Spec Allez 16 - it's a good entry level bike, although their RRP is slightly higher than other branded comparable bikes - the offer of £550 is a reasonable one - I guess it's the 2012 model?
  • jimbo0023jimbo0023 Posts: 96
    I'd tell the second shop where to go for trying to charge you an extra 10%!

    There are plenty of shops more than happy to accept your voucher with open arms at no extra cost. :?
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