Square Tyres !

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I have recently changed some cheap (unrecognisable brand) tyres after approx 500 miles because they started to go 'square'. My question is, have they gone like this because they are cheap, or can it be caused by under inflation, or both. How many miles should you expect to get out of an average tyre, particular the rear as this takes the most weight. (I weigh 11.5 st).


  • snoopsmydogg
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    Possibly a case of manufacturer rather than price. I have been running continental ultrasport (about £12 each iirc) for the last 800+ miles and as the bike was second hand you can probably add more to that. Had no issues so far and no real signs of wear either.

    oh and I weigh about 3.5stone more than you.
  • rpd_steve
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    Rubbish tyres... You should expect between 2000 miles for soft race tyres like Michelin pro3 s and 6000 miles for a tough winter tyre like gator skins. Expect the rear to go way before the front as it is the only one delivering the power.

    Overinflation can help wear along, but if you run 90-100 front and 100-115 rear you won't be far off for 23mm tyres.