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Hi folks

Looking to get some multi lens glasses (preferably purchased all with glasses and not 'add-ons') and was wondering if anyone could recommend some... I don't particularly want to spend loads (£50 ish maybe) as I am only a weekend cyclist at best...

I looked at the Kuota set, which did look cheap (maybe too cheap), but read some bad reviews on them... I currently have some endura glasses, which allegedly have light sensitive lenses, but I have yet to see any difference in all light conditions...

Any help would be very appreciated folks... :D

Thx in advance...


  • navrig
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    I have several pairs of the Kuota glasses and they are reasonable VFM.

    I've lost one pair, broken the leg on an another and my current pair has a dodgy hinge but both pairs still work.

    The lenses are easily changed.

    For weekend riding they are fine.
  • snoopsmydogg
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    Decided to give the replaceable lens glasses a go again. had a pair of smith glasses years ago but couldnt remember where they were (possibly lost/binned in the move).

    Aldi had a few pairs in reduced to under £3 so bought a pair not expecting much. Went out on the mtb for over 3 hours yesterday with yellow lenses fitted, seem pretty strong, didnt fog up, didnt feel uncomfortable at any time and for the price if they do break it's no great hardship.
  • Speller78
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    I've got the cheaper dhb ones from Wiggle, they do the job and are cheap enough that i'm not too worried about them falling off my head or being dropped or sat on
  • Sussed out
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    Replaceable lens sunglasses on eBay... Replica oakleys, £22, can't go wrong!