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Anybody done the Galloway Recycle Sportive??

str1ker1212str1ker1212 Posts: 28
...... Looking to ride this in a couple of weeks, anybody know how tough/easy this is?

I'm hoping to do my first 100 miler here, previous longest ride being 75 flattish miles and i'm a wee bit nervous as the 100 miles is a big milestone for me!

Anybody with first hand experience?


  • Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
    I have never done it but checked the profile as I may enter it myself. It looks like a fairly standard sportive in regards to climbing but nothing too severe.

    You'll get round so dont worry but with your current fitness you will suffer a bit. Take your time and just enjoy it as there will be participants less active than yourself doing it on the day. I do lots of big milage routes and sportives and suffer just the same over 100miles as the fitter you get the faster you go. Cyclists never learn.

    Two weeks ago I did 170 miles in one day on my own averaging 15mph and last week did a 100mile sportive and felt worse on the latter due to the increase in pace.
    Brian B.
  • Thanks for the advice Brian, On my previous longest ride my legs felt ok and i had something left in the tank at the end it was more my backside that was suffering! - I've invested in some decent bib shorts this time, like they say.... buy cheap buy twice!. Let's hope for some decent weather eh?
  • Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
    The good shorts are a wise investment as I found out the hard myself many years ago when starting off. The excitment on the day will get you round. As I said you will suffer a bit and even now I get bad patches on big runs but know I will get through and rally round.

    You'll feel great afterwords though(and hungry) :D
    Brian B.
  • Cheers again Brian.... it's the being hungry and being able to eat pretty much what i like afterwards that i enjoy, without undoing all the hard work though!!
  • thecrofterthecrofter Posts: 734
    The important things for your first century , IMHO, are :-

    Pace yourself, better not to blow up with 20 to go. And if at the end you feel you could have gone faster well you'll know next time. You won't be getting any medals no matter when you finish so best just to enjoy it.

    Try to remember to move around on the bike a bit to stop from getting aches and pains and take advantage of the feed stops. I always think it's better to stop and have five minutes rather than press on at in increasingly slow speed because you're in pain or tired.

    Hope it stays dry for you.
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  • DaveMossDaveMoss Posts: 236
    I did it last year, and hope to enter on the day this year.
    It's a great route, the scenery will help you cover the miles. The feed stops are well placed and well stocked with the final one placed with just over 10 miles to go, so this will help you to get through those last few miles.
    After your efforts there is a super reception and feed waiting for you in the hall in Kirkcudbright.
    If I was stepping up to my first 100 miler, I reckon this event would be a good choice for it.
    Sportives and tours, 100% for charity,
  • Hi
    I will also be riding the Galloway recycle Sportive for the first time. My aim was to do several 100 miles this year and have already done Scottish bke show Sportive and Drumlanrig Sportive, well done to Dave Moss and Co, its a very well organised event.
    A few words of advise.

    Get your tyre pressure to at least 100psi, there will be guys with floorpumps in the carpark willing to help you out if you only have a handpump
    Arm yourself with energy gels and snack bars, bannana just incase they run out at the feed stations
    Use salt tablets with your water, I use nuun. Refill your water bottle at stations and drink plenty.
    Flag up any road defects, hazzards, oncoming or rear vehicles to fellow riders coming behind
    Pace yourself, its a Sportive, not a race.
    Its a great way to see new parts of the country and to get fit. Enjoy the cameraderie with fellow riders and
    DIG IN !
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