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Bike Size - Advice Please

jon33jon33 Posts: 256
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I'm looking for some advice regarding the size of my bike.

I'm riding a 56cm 2011 Allez Elite and I think it may be too small for me. I've put my measurements into the Fit Calculator and tried to set my bike up according to that but I can't seem to do it within the limits of the bike. Here are my (rough) measurements.

Inseam: 85
Trunk: 66
Forearm: 38
Arm: 69
Thigh: 64.5
Lower Leg: 55
Sternal Notch: 149
Total Body Height: 182

Is anyone similar to me, what size bike do you ride?

I'm thinking of going into my LBS and trying out some different bikes, if I find something more comfortable, (roughly) how much could I sell my 2011 Allez Elite for?

Thanks in advance.


  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    A 56cm Allez sounds about right for your height. I'm 6' 1" and I have the 58cm I tried both sizes and found the wider handlebars of the 58cm felt better. I an sure at a push I could ride a 56cm.

    I did a Competitive Cyclist fit fron their web site and it made a big difference to my comfort on the bike and I followed their saddle position to BB centre and to handlebars, My saddle was a little high also.

    What part of the adjustments are you having problems with?
  • jon33jon33 Posts: 256
    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    The suggested BB-Saddle Position is a good few inches lower than my current saddle height and any lower and I can't get the correct Saddle Setback. (Saddle is as far back is it can go at the moment)

    And the Saddle-Handle bar is too small, I'm thinking that a longer stem may solve this problem?
  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    I found the saddle recommendations were a lot lower than I had my saddle but this is just a starting point. But in the end I went for putting my heel on the peddle at the bottom of crank postion and a straight leg when in this postion. It meant I dropped my saddle by about half an inch.

    If you need to get the saddle further back maybe a seat post with a greater set back. I had exactly the opposite as my saddle had to be as far forward as it would go to try to get saddle BB position. So on my new carbon bike i've just built I went for a seat post with no set back.
  • jon33jon33 Posts: 256
    I think I'll see if I can get my hands on a longer stem to tryout then if that's no good maybe the seatpost with a bigger setback, I'm thinking that may unbalance my weight slightly though with it all being over the back?
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