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Cycling shoes (without clips)

JockeyWheelsJockeyWheels Posts: 5
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Hi Guys,

Nooby here. I was looking for shoes/trainers with velcro fastening (rather than laces).

My bike doesn't have clips - it just has normal pedals. Are there cycling shoes/trainers of this type that aren't made specifically for clipping onto pedals.

I guess I am looking for a shoe/trainer that can be worn off the bike. Is there such a thing or are normal trainers my best option.

Thanks for reading.


  • LeeuwLeeuw Posts: 99
    You could try an MTB shoe - there are quite a few with Velcro fastening, and they have a stiff enough sole for cycling but are comfy walking too. The majority of MTB shoes will have SPD cleat fixings fitted already, and some will have these exposed (not that these will affect cycling/walking) - might be worth finding a pair with the fixings concealed for better waterproofing. And then you'll be ready to go clipless too :)

    You should notice a big difference betwen these and normal trainers.
  • You could also try Pyro platforms used in Triathlons which allow you to use pretty much any shoe.

    Example here
  • simon_mastersonsimon_masterson Posts: 2,740
    Some MTB shoes have cleat covers pre-installed, in case you do want to use them with clips/flat pedals... The Specialized BG touring shoe does, if I recall.

    You have little to lose and a lot to gain by using recessed cleats, though. If you get some MTB or touring shoes, you should be able to walk around moreorless normally, whilst reaping all of the benefits of riding clipped in.
  • ErikHErikH Posts: 22
    I too have wanted to ask this question. I normally use standard trainers but wanted to see if there were stiffer soled shoes/trainers I could use that I didnt have to buy clips/cleates for.

    Excellent, a few questions answered for me too :)
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Look at the flattie shoes used by some MTB and BMX riders - doubt they'll come with velcro straps though. If you are serious about riding a bike, you're doing yourself a huge disservice by not riding with stiffer shoes and clipless pedals
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  • duglissdugliss Posts: 235
    Specialized Sonoma. I`ve got some of these from when I tried clipless, however after having a front wheel blowout at speed I haven`t ridden clipless again :oops: but still wear these shoes and you can walk about easily in them
  • El ZombaEl Zomba Posts: 164
    Get a pair of Five-Tens. They have super grippy soles that make you feel glued to flatties in comparison to normal trainers. The ones with velcro covers do look a little bit like polio shoes, but such is the sacrifice you'll have to make if you don't want laces.
  • PeanuttPeanutt Posts: 229
    I don't ride with clips or spds and usually find shoes like these are good, they have the velcro and offer quite a bit of support ... ens-119002

    Price is good too
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  • Spring to Autumn at least i wear SPD shimano sandals, which are velcro tightened, they are great, if it rains so what, no soggy wet shoes, no sweat problems, you can walk in em, used them for weeks of touring, and if the weather does get foul put some overshoes on--- oh and they are good for flat pedals
  • Gizmo_Gizmo_ Posts: 558
    Peanutt wrote:
    I don't ride with clips or spds and usually find shoes like these are good, they have the velcro and offer quite a bit of support ... ens-119002

    Price is good too
    I ride in a pair of Puma Drift Cats for commuting. Very smooth outside so I can slip my foot out easily, and they're stiff enough.
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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,441
    Have just purchased care of Halfrauds a pair of their own brand leisure type cycle shoes more walking style than MTB or all out road. First impressions they are good only draw back i would have liked the Shimano's i went for, (oops out of stock) but these where cheap enough to try and if i want to go down SPD route they will take them as well, would be nicer if velcro flap to cover the laces. Made my commute quicker as well.
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