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Giant Defy2 2012 Rear Dropout Deformed

weeksy23weeksy23 Posts: 4
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Having picked up some useful advice in the past from contributors to this forum I wondered if anyone could provide their thoughts on an issue that I have with my Giant Defy 2 2012.

After riding a hybrid for the last few years I bought a Giant Defy 2 2012 road bike earlier in the year. After having notched up 500 miles I recently noticed that the rear skewer was bent where the threads start. On further inspection the frame can be seen to have deformed on the edge of the drop out slot which results in the wheel axel being pulled away from its location within the rear hanger when the skewer is tightened.

The rear hanger fits on the inside of the chain stay and locates inside the frame drop out slot. This means that the frame slot is wider than the axel location slot within the hanger, resulting in a small contact area for the skewer nut.

Has anyone seen this problem before and can offer any advise on a fix or repair?. The local dealer has provided a washer to place under the skewer nut to increase the contact area, but this makes removing and replacing the wheel difficult as the washer diameter is larger than the skewer nut. Any thoughts?




  • glasgowbhoyglasgowbhoy Posts: 1,341
    No, but I have a 2010 Defy 2 that developed a crack on the weld at the back of the seat tube last week.
    Giant warranty is pretty good so take it in to the place you bought it from, get them to inspect it and then get a replacement frame
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