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Anyone got an opinion on the Charge Conran Plug?

jononeilljononeill Posts: 2
edited July 2012 in Commuting general

I can't find a review anywhere on the Charge Conran Plug, just wondering if anyone had experience with one?

I'm looking for a simple 2-3 gear lightweight commuter bike, possibly a Conran Plug, Cooper Zandvoort or Cooper Kyalami. Or possibly get a Specialized Langster and add flat bars and Sturmey Archer 2 Speed Kick shift. Can anyone recommend any other options, or advise?



  • bushubushu Posts: 711
    I have a Charge plug freestyler for commuting, i can tell you its not the lightest bike and it sure is simple as the only thing it has mounts for are the brakes
    I've changed grips to some chunky lock-ons, added decent pedals and invested in a charge spoon saddle which i believe is standard on the Conran
    Nice clean retro ride feels well built, though finding component spec due to alot being charge branded is troublesome - i've asked charge a few times even resorted to [email protected] :?

    EDIT- Conran looks to have mostly bought in components so that solves alot
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