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New crankset doesnt fit? wtf?

richardjilesrichardjiles Posts: 137
edited July 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
So I just got my new front chainwheel crankset piece, I put it on and wtf? it goes way too far on, so that my front deraleur will never get it on first gear... man wtf? when ordering the part I made sure all the chainrings were the same size, but I decided to buy a smaller crankarm size, went from 175 to 170, will that make the difference? I dont think so because others talk about buying new cranks with smaller size

I don't know the previous Crankset, however the new one is shimano altuls
Right, just took readings from my current bottom bracket, its 68 x 110.5
so my new one should be 68 x something, now as long as its altus compatible does it matter?


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