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thruskthrusk Posts: 4
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I have a Giant Defy 3 (2010), and need to replace the rear wheel (was driven over by a car and the wheel is now buckled).

According to the manufacturer, the wheels on it have this spec:
Rims: Giant Sport Road CR, Double Wall
Hubs : Formula Sealed
Spokes: Stainless Steel

(Info from ... 861/38960/)

Giant unfortunately do not stock replacements, so I can't get a like-for-like.

Question is, how much are these worth? The owner of the car has offered to pay - and while I don't want to 'take the mick', I do want to get something at least as good as what was on there.

Would also need to transfer the cassette to the new wheel, which I'm sure my local bike shop can do cheaply.

And is it worth getting both wheels? Might look strange with 2 different wheels!

Any advice re: the above appreciated...



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