what can I do?

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Today on a ride someone from a car splashed a bit of water on me and run away (not for a first time, so I decided that I won't give up this time), I wobbled on my bike and actually that could be more dangerous as the road I was riding is usually much busier than it was at that moment. I've pointed finger on the plates of that bast**d who did that and I've got his numbers and I also remember what car was he driving.

Now, what can I do with this so he gets consequences of such stupid behaviour ? If I report this to a police would that be worthwhile?

Thanks for all your imput, cheers :)


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    Yes report it to the police. What else can you do really. A mate of mine had soup thrown on him from a car which then turned around for another go. The police went round to his house after tracing the driver and issued him a warning. He faces having his car crushed if he endangers anyone again
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    Thanks for your imput. Glad from the result your mate got :D True, nothing else I can do, but I was wondering whether it would be worth wasting my time if the police don't do anything. Looks like a will give them a visit tomorrow :)
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    I'm curious. Would you report god to the popo if it rained?
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    A record will be kept. It is up to the police to decide how they deal with a complaint. If that person commits an offence that information will be available
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    I'm curious. Would you report god to the popo if it rained?

    I think the point is it's a deliberate and potentially dangerous act.

    I was shot at by a mong with a bb gun out of a car in a couple of years back. It's doesn't hurt but it distracts you and your instinct is to avoid it, which can be dangerous.