Chain corrosion

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Just dug my winter bike out last night to give it some use. Although it had been cleaned before I put it away the chain looks to have corroded. I have however gave it a good clean up and it doesnt look too bad, just not shiny, with dark spots etc. I've put it back on the bike though with some fresh lube and its running smooth as ever.

Question is, will the chain have weakened, and is it likely to wear my cassette out quicker than usual??

The chain has only had a couple of months use so i'd prefer not to bin it already.


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    Hi there,

    The corrosion should have only affected the outside of the chain links so I think you'll be fine. With regards to it wearing out your cassette more quickly I don't believe this will be the case. The cassette gets worn from the chain stretching which only occurs when the bike is being ridden. It's once the chain has stretched that it starts to malform the teeth on the cassette.

    Hope this has answered your questions.

  • shinsplint
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    Cheers Mike :)

    I've ordered a couple of connector links in case it ever gives up on me :)
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    No and no - it'll be fine.

    Clean, lube, use. Keept it cleaned, used and lubed and it won't corrode anymore.
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    Chains don't 'stretch' the pins and rollers wear such that there's more play. Light external corrosion will have little impact - iron oxide will simply rub-off.
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    So in essence, they get longer, stretch. It's a lot easier to explain it that way, sorry for not being 100% accurate. However, stretch is the common term used amongst mechanics is stretch.