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Ekoi Kit

Sonny73Sonny73 Posts: 2,604
edited November 2013 in Road buying advice
Does anyone own any Ekoi kit and if so is it any good?


  • mjbennettmjbennett Posts: 532
    Yes i do, bibs, jerseys and helmet. The kit is good value for money, especially if you buy it in the sale. I think the standard is similar to santini or giordana. The bibs are really comfy, but the pads are not as good as high end ones like Assos.
  • gsk82gsk82 Posts: 3,230
    i bought my dad a jersey in france last year and i really like it, i think he does to. good quality and was pretty cheap too.
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  • calmx5calmx5 Posts: 229
    Yep bought one of their jerseys last year, great easy kit
  • What's the sizing like on these? I'm a 35" chest, 62kg, so would usually go for an Extra Small, perhaps a small. Looking at the Ekoi website though, Small is 75-85cm, which is about 30-33", is this right? Same for shorts really - I'm 30" waist, but the website suggests small is 35"?

  • calmx5calmx5 Posts: 229
    Sizing is similar to Italian brands, as I'm a medium in santini, Torm, ekoi and giordana and a small in pearl Izumi.

    Wondering where you buy their stuff in the uk now, the uk site doesn't seem to be working any more.
  • I was just going to order from France tbh, they must do international shipping.
  • jimmythecuckoojimmythecuckoo Posts: 4,674
    I couldn't get registered on their site... can you post again on this thread if you are successful?
  • Sonny73Sonny73 Posts: 2,604
    Cool thanks for the replies. I ended up ordering from their Canadian site as the French, Swiss and Danish sites had no UK delivery option.
    They posted it same day so hopefully wont take too long to come, worked out on a jersey and bibs I'm looking at around £20 import tax, so not so bad. With postage the price was roughly that of buying from France (bar the import tax). Annoying I couldn't get stuff from Europe though.
    There is a UK site, but all it says is: This page has been reserved for future use.
  • mjbennettmjbennett Posts: 532
    i ordered mine on the french site, no problems. My gcse french helped, but google does a translation that you can use. If you have a google websearch on your tab it will ask you if you want it translated.
  • Sonny73Sonny73 Posts: 2,604
    Nice, I didn't spot the Royaume-Uni option to allow purchase from the .fr and .ch sites.
    Well at least they didn't have my size so I haven't done myself out of cash buying from Canada :)
  • Has anyone ordered recently?

    There was a UK holding page for a while but only the international site now.
  • Yeah ordered probably a month ago from the french site, very good service!
  • bigpiklebigpikle Posts: 1,690
    I got some really nice Ekoi gloves while out in Spain for the QBH this summer and have been looking for more of their kit.

    Looks like the site has a full English language option and does delivery now. Some nice looking kit on there as well.
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