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Hi Everybody,
Apologies if it has been done to death but I am looking to upgrade my bike computer to include cadence.
I have seen this one for £60 here.....$ja=tsid:35814

It seems realistically priced and has the advantage(?) of a wireless cadence and Altimeter features which I quite like the idea of.

Any thoughts? Any other models worth looking at?

I guess a lot of you use iphone/android for altimeter tracking but, sadly, I have a Windows (betamax) phone which I am tied into for another year :cry:

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  • Apparently, smartphones are crap at being altimeters and barometric pressure devices are apparently more accurate. Someone on here posted a pile of like for like comparisons, but you'll have to search for the thread.

    Garmin's seem to be the way to go?
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    It's one model too low to have cadence, but I have a Sigma Sport BC1009 and it's excellent. Very easy to use and read, well made and has a good feature set.

    However, I feel it doesn't get said often enough that you don't NEED a wireless computer. I can vaguely get it in the case of cadence, but the savings on wired computers are considerable, and they are actually (like most wired products) more reliable. One fewer battery, too.
  • TheEnglishman: I was hoping to avoid the added cost of a Garmin :) Interesting point about the reliability of Altimeters though.

    Simon: Yeah I hear what you are saying about 'needing' wireless but my thinking is that it is much tidier and my cheapo bikehut 11 wireless works really well.
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    Wireless works fine until you factor in bright lights - so it's wired on the winter bike, and wireless only on the summer bike.

    FWIW, I use a Cateye Strada Double-Wireless. And the wired version of the same without cadence on the winter bike.
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    Slightly related (didn't want to start a new thread as it must've been covered somewhere else...) but is a computer a worthwhile buy to begin with when you have all these apps available for the phone?
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    I have a computer on the bars so I can get info whilst I'm riding, particularly cadence and the clock actually, and it's nice to keep an eye on your speed, obviously.

    I track it all with a GPS app on the phone in my pocket - I have seen bar-mounted cases for iphones and the like, but they're pretty bulky, and I'm not convinced how water proof they are.

    I don't have to take the computer off at the café stop either!
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    Cateye V3 or Polar CS200CAD, secondhand if you have to.
  • I have ordered the Boardman one after getting some positive feedback from someone who has one and prior to the last few posts.
    It was the reasonable price on fleabay that tempted me. I have also downloaded Cycle log App (windows phone).
    I'll let you know how it goes :)
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    A Garmin wireless device is reliable until you look at calories burned. The device can easily be moved from one bike to another, they usually come with 2 spare mounts so just buy an additional cadence sensor. A wireless device looks far neater and less cluttered on the bike and can be whipped off into your pocket should you stop and be worried about it going walkies. Phone aps aren't in the same league as dedicated devices and will drain your battery. A phone is for phone calls and is no good if your ap has just eaten the battery life. A Garmin 500 can be picked up fairly cheaply and will do everything except maps. Cadence, HR, calories, distance, speed, time etc etc
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    Any recommendations for a cheap wired cycle computer with cadence for around £25 or less, and no ability to make phone calls or download apps?
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    Just flogged the exact model you're looking at on eBay as I got a Garmin for my birthday. It's a good piece of kit, easy to setup and never let me down. The only downside I saw was that the temperature function only reads in Fahrenheit, not Celsius.

    They go for £25 - £35 on said tinter net site.

    Edit - doh! you got one. Might of bought mine :)

    Kin hell, only 6 months late!! Off to bed now :oops: