Focus Cayo 105 2011 new wheel(s)

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Just had a tube come out of the tyre and the front wheel got quite damaged at speed. Structurally it is ok but has a lot of rough gouges on the edge so probably needs replacing. Unfortunately the retailer I got it off does not sell the wheels so was wondering if anyone here has replaced them with something similar. Would not mind upgrading a bit, but don't want to spend a huge amount either as I'm not cycling as frequently as I was.


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    It can be repaired, if you need a new rim with new spokes (size won't fit your current ones)... but given the intrinsic value of your wheel, it's only worth if you really are ona budget and if your hub still feels smooth.
    You are looking at 60 pounds minimum

    If you don't need a new rim, a file and sandpaper can be your best friends
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    Thanks for the reply. A lot of people seem to think much of PX Model Bs, but can't buy those anywhere, and the Cs are out of stock. Campagnolo Khamsin is same price but slightly heavier. Worth waiting for Cs to come back in stock? Don't really want to go too long with a ride though.
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    Maybe slightly OT here but came across this:

    That is exactly what happened to me, was at bottom of descent and massive bang, inner tube came out and tyre half off which is why wheel got so damaged. It wasn't a huuge descent, maybe only a minute+ going down but was squeezing the life out of the brakes as it was very steep, at one point they weren't even stopping it well enough. Day was very hot as well, near 30 and tyre was inflated near 120 psi.

    Bit worried about this happening again now, would not inflating above 100 solve issue possibly?