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ANT+ compatibility - Giant vs Decathlon

scrannerscranner Posts: 3
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So I've been overwhelmed by the TdeF and went and bought a carbon Giant Defy Advanced 2 with the RideSense thingy built in. Having only moths left in the wallet I bought Decathlon's ANT+ compatible computer (still £50 ffs!) - the Count14 - to use with it. Stuck the decathlon magnets in the right place and the little lights are flashing on the RideSense sensor (they seem to blink 10 times then stop - presumably to save battery power) so I'm guessing the Giant side of ANT is OK. In the meantime, I've set up the Decathlon computer and checked it detects the sensors that it comes with - all good (I'm gonna stick these on another bike then use the computer with both bikes - I hope!)

Now the issue. I can't get the computer to detect the RideSense sensors. Decathlon couldn't help except to suggest that not all ANT+ gear is compatible after all (eh? - isn't that the point?) and the forums show up nothing.

Anybody got any ideas? Have I bought a pup? (the computer, not the bike - which is great).


  • the_fugglerthe_fuggler Posts: 1,228
    I have the same system and I had to take the cover off the sensor and remove the plastic film that protects the battery before using it. Doesn't sound like you need to do that if the sensor is blinking.

    Other than that, it might be worth taking the bike to the local Giant dealer to see if they know anything that might prevent them from pairing. Actually, just give them a ring first and ask if there is anything they can suggest to help set it up or if they know whether there are compatibility issues with the Decathlon computers? I believe the whole point of ANT+ is that it is interoperable between different devices.
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  • andyrrandyrr Posts: 1,814
    Have you made your computer do a search for devices so it picks up the sensor ? Try doing when your spinning the wheel (if that is feasible !) ? You maybe need to setup the Decathlon computer to actually search for ANT+ devices - in theory they should all be able to communicate with each other as ANT+ is a standard.
    Does the computer / sensor need a clear line of sight ? Do you have any other devices (bluetooth phone, other wireless stuff) that might be interfering ?
  • scrannerscranner Posts: 3
    Thanks for the replies, folks. I've think I've excluded all the obvious problems areas that you mention - and done the search for new devices etc to no avail. Think I will take the bike back to the shop and ask them to pair the sensor with something they have (or find a mate with some ANT stuff) to ensure *it's* OK. (It was only through forums like this that I knew to remove the Giant sensor from the bike and peel off the battery insulating sticker to get it going! That avoided at least one stupid post from me!)
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