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Whinlatter climb question

frankspencer1979frankspencer1979 Posts: 525
edited July 2012 in Routes
Been to Whinlatter today, did the north twice and the south once. Every time I've been there I've never managed to get a GPS signal, and whilst I was dragging myself up the North climb I was wondering just how long it is!

So, does anyone have GPS info for the fire road climb on the North trail I.e. how long is it and how much height is gained?

Also, just out of interest, for those that have been to all the following, which is the worst/most tedious/hardest climb:

Whinlatter north
Whinlatter south
Gisburn hamburger hill
Lee to Crag quarry link

Personally I struggle most with Gisburn, reckon that's the steepest. Can drag myself up the rest of them, but never make it up HH! :oops:


  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    I can only speak about two of those, and Whinlatter South is much, much more tedious than the Lee the Cragg link. Whinlatter South just drags on and on, whereas with the Lee to Cragg link you can (assuming no low cloud) see the end of it. Plus you get to ride back down it, then pick up Lee all the way back to the car park with about 20 pedal strokes.
  • mintedoxmintedox Posts: 273
    The link at Lee quarry is a bit of a drag alright, I'm done in by the time I get to Cragg.
    Hamburger hill I don't mind too much nowadays, I reckon the climb to Lee quarry is worse.

    Not been to Whinlatter yet :(
    Papa? Nicole
  • Did whinlatter north & south & blue a couple of weeks ago heres the strava detail.
    didn't really think the climbs were anything to write home about and I've been up a lot worse.
  • Did whinlatter north & south & blue a couple of weeks ago heres the strava detail.
    didn't really think the climbs were anything to write home about and I've been up a lot worse.

    Cheers fella. It's not so much the difficulty, more the tedium whilst you spin endlessly up the slope, there's plenty time to wonder how far you're going! Those four I mentioned are from the only trail centres I've been to, and I think they're pretty comparable really; I have been to Llandegla, but I can't remember what that was like :|

    Went to Hebden Bridge a few days ago, I think that's the steepest place in the world :shock: A lot of pushing!
  • I've done all the routes and most other UK trail centres - Whinlatter, Gisburn, and Lee quarry
    arnt really drags IMO compared to many other routes and im not that fit. For example the North whinlatter climb is 10-25 mins tops the south is less.Im sure
    there are faster and slower people but to think thats a tough or long climb or tedious... really?
    You could even miss out the single track climb and go right upt he fire roads for both whinlatter
    climbs cutting time furter still.
    Try Innerlithen or Glentress Black, Coed Y Brenin black or any of the lakes passes and these render the "drags" you list as insignificant.
    Personally i think Gisburn is more technical but i dont recall any of the climbs being steep or tough or long at all?
    Rough and hence its deceptively physical - more effort for less distance - cracking course though

    Try Skiddaw Loop or the Borrowdale Bash (ignore the major book routes as they have you riding out of
    keswick along the orad then up the road to Wathendlath - there is an offraod route that comes out at Ashness bridge) next time your up Keswick way.... Awesome decents are the payback though some skill and commen sense
    is required as there are some tech bits that ar way above trail centre stuff :P

    enjoy the lakes climbs - look about at the scenery on the climb many people travel there just to do the looking bit :)
  • here is a link to a video of the descent. The climb is hard but it is worth it in the end
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