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I've joined the forum after a number of years out of the saddle followed by a failed attempt to get back into it a couple of years ago. Living near Chester I was a member of the Chester Roads Club when I was in my teens, even riding the Liverpool to Scarborough coast to coast when I was 11.

I'm now a lot older, and bigger, and bought a Trek 1.9 a couple of years ago. I managed to ride to work, clocking up 100 miles per week for a couple of months before taking a job in Manchester. Hence I just stopped riding as I just couldn't find the time with the new job.

Now I'm back again, determined to get the weight down and get fit. Re-inspired by this years Tour I hope to be out on the bike more often, although I'm bound to have lots of questions as I get back into cycling.

So that's me, hope to see you around sometime!
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    I am sure you will be back to full swing in no time. Just get out there and pedal, you can't beat it for releaving the stresses of day to day life.

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    All the way to scarborough eh? That's a long way avoid the dss, I normally just hide behind the settee. :D
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    ^^^^^ :-)