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Help with specialized s works

Glasgowbhoy82Glasgowbhoy82 Posts: 30
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Seen this on eBay but if you read the description I'm a little unsure as it could be a stolen bike. But if it's not could anyone help me with the year and spec of this bike


  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    'my husband suffers from a mental health problem and some idiot took his money and sold him this bike'

    cycling does that to you
  • Yeah it's defo one of the strangest listings I've seen. The seller could be genuine but the guy who sold her husband the bike could have stolen in that's the problem
  • aspenderaspender Posts: 96
    Certainly appears to be a 2006 S-Works Tarmac frame.

    However I wouldn't touch a six year old carbon frame of unknown provenance with a barge-pole personally.
  • Thanks that's you made my mind up I'm not keen on a 6 year old bike either as I don't know if it's been well serviced or that. She said they paid just under £1000 for it aswell and that's what she's looking for
  • lakelandlakeland Posts: 76
    ^^ I would ignore the previous post ^^
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