New to tubulars and need spare tubular?

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Just took the plunge and brought a pair of Enve 1.45 carbon tubulars....need to carry a spare...what is the lightest most foldable tubular?....

Giant TCR Sl Dura Ace


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    Theres not a lot between them. The lightest and most fold able are the same, and also the most expensive high quality ones! Veloflex, Vittoria, Swhalbie, Conti Comp ect...

    Just buy a 3rd of whatever you normally run IMO.
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    a tufo ej or similar, very light c. 160g, should get you home

    but depends where you'll be riding, maybe a heavier will be better
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  • The lightest tire you can get away with is a track tubular. I rode tubies for years and wrote up the following as my favorite way to go for a spare:

    Hope this helps,

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    Thomas!!....what a great write up and the picture is fantastic!....Great comparision picture of the tire and butyl tube! ...I'm a super weight weenie and I'm looking for a rip stop stuff sack to put these in! Lol!


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    I use an old camera case - fits a spare tub folded as in Toms link, multi-tool, co2 and fits in back pocket comfortably
  • Opps again....I used Continental Glue for aluminum rims instead of the special rim glue for carbon wheels ...should I be concerned?....Held up well on the first the ride of tubulars...
  • The glue is the same stuff, don't worry about it

    Schwalbe Milano is a good choice and at £25 a pop it's a no-brainer