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Heads Up 'Diversion' at Whites Level - Afan Forest

oxocube1oxocube1 Posts: 651
edited July 2012 in Routes
Just thought I would let you guys know that as I found out today the last two sections, 'Goodwood' and 'Darkside' have been closed off for de-forestation stuff. They have put a diversion in place that goes from the end of 'Energy'/top of 'Goodwood' up the fireroad passing the bottom of the Black Run.

The fireroad diversion leads to marker 66 on the Skyline trail, and then you descend back to the Glyncorrwg Centre taking 'Deadwood', 'Peregrine Ridge' and 'Jetlag'. I'm not sure how long it has been/will last for though.

I was pretty pissed off when i found out i had to do a boring fireroad climb but the last Skyline section was pretty good. Still an awesome first time Afan ride though, the conditions of the trail were perfect!


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