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Is Llandegla Green really a Green?

ElliesDadElliesDad Posts: 245
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Took my 6 year old daughter to Llandegla for the first time yesterday, she is just getting to grips with her bike so after managing the green at Cannock Chase with ease I thought she would be ok at Llandegla.

To be honest I thought the Llandegla green was a bit too hard for her (I thought parts were harder than the Cannock Chase Blue!). I thought the start was too steep and rocky for a green. Middle bit was fine but then towards the end there were some steep rocky gradients which nearly put her off for life.

I think We may have strayed into the blue/red at the end as the last section was quite steep and rocky for a six year old with some pretty heafty berms, this was the section just after you go under the bridge for the red route(?) just before you get back to the trail centre. Had we missed a turn for the green route?

One thing though, from what I saw, can't wait to try out the red for the first time though! :lol:
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  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    It sounds like you must have caught the end of the red, looking at the map the green ends in a different way than the blue/red, but they do have a bit where they share the trail.

    I imagine for a 6 year old the start of the climb which is shared by all the routes is probably a bit much, my ten year old girl would get off and push that bit, if she'd go anywhere muddy on her bike at all.
  • The end of the green route has always been a little vague.
    On the old trail maps it used to show it finishing through the overflow carpark, but the new ones show it joining the red/blue and running under the bridge of the free ride track, which sounds like the route you took.

    I have always thought the green route at Degla is a little too severe when compared to Cannock or Delamere green routes.
    Now there will be people on here who will say that all the routes including the black can be ridden by a 6 year old girl with tassles on their barends but I've always thought for youngsters the first climb and the other two rocky slopes could prove tricky to inexperianced young ones.

    That said then there is the other extreme where yesterday I was stopped by a family (2 adults and 2 young children) at the start of the boards on the red section at the top the mountain , who wanted to know where they could get a drink from as the children were thirsty??? :shock: :shock:
    They had no helmets, no drinks or anything, now I don't want to open up the helmet debate but come on a little preperation is surely required.
  • ElliesDadElliesDad Posts: 245
    Looks like it isn't just me then! :?

    I think trail centres have to be quite careful when grading their routes, blue/red/black is fair enough as most people who try these are either into trails or trying to develop themselves. A green route is often sold as a beginners/family route and should not present any real challenges at all. I would say the green at Llandegla is harder (in places) than the blue at Cannock where they actually warn off beginners and young children because of some of the gradients involved!

    My aim eventually is to get my daughter confident enough to try some of the blue routes and then, when she is old enough, try some easier reds with me but after Mondays foray at Llandegla all it really achieved was to dent her confidence! :?
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  • The problem at Llandegla is that you need to gain elevation quickly to get up to top car park level and the start proper of the trails, hence the relatively steep starter section. Ive seen grown men struggle up there so can understand a 6yr old girl struggling.

    The last section is the blue/green and old red finish all merged for the last half mile or so. Theres no other route back as far as Im aware and yes there are a couple of rocky sections that could put off a youngun. It is what it is Im afraid. Id keep well away from the blue for now as that includes the same long main climb as the red/black route that everyone moans about.
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