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Halfords Cycle2Work Scheme

lunarticklunartick Posts: 11
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I have recently started cycling to work. It is a 3 mile each way commute, on cycle lanes/paths, up and down hill.

I currently have a full suspension Carrera Banshee from 2004 which I am using at the moment. I have tried to tighten the rear suspension to minimize bounce, everyone I have spoken to has suggested a hardtail bike. I am also having a problem with this bike making a crunching noise, which I have a thread about in MTB repairs. I need to get this bike sorted anyway.

I have been speaking to a colleague at work and we can apparently get a bike from Halfords through Cycle2Work. I am planning using my Banshee for Sherwood Pines, but possibly looking at getting a more commuter friendly bike for to and from work.

I have been looking, and there is a minefield of Road Bikes, Hybrid Bikes and Mountain Bikes - possibly a hard tail with front suspension lock out.

What I am wondering is, does anyone have a recommendation for a bike for my commute from Halfords current range? I think I could manage around £400 budget, roughly £25/month net. Should I purchase other accessories with the bike as well, or get these seperate, would it be cheaper vs halfords normal prices? Should I stick with my Banshee?



  • SalsaSalsa Posts: 753
    I bet your Banshee isn't fun on your commute, although it's fairly short so doable on your existing bike I expect.
    If you find your Banshee does all you want off road & isn't overkill for it, then you could rule out a hardtail as the front suspension would be wasted on road. If you find it a bit heavy or needs replacing maybe buy a hardtail, I'd go for the Voodoo Hoodoo over Carrera's though if you go that route.

    There's a couple of good bikes I'd suggest, both different to what you have now & a bit different to each other.
    Firstly the Voodoo Marasa > ... yId_165534
    This will feel sort of similar to an mtb as it has the same sort of gearing & geometry, but has larger 700c (or 29'er) wheels. It has half decent Shimano kit as well as hydro brakes.
    Or you could get more of a road bike style hybrid like the Carrera Gryphon > ... yId_165534
    This would be fast as it has a road bike frame & gearing, it's set up with flat bars so more upright than a road bike.

    It pays to buy any bits your going to need at the same time as you save a bit of money, & if you're going to buy them anyway you may as well take advantage of that. Best thing to do is go & have a look at the range of bikes they have & sit on a few. I've always found it's best to use larger Halfords & to go in during a week day when you can talk to some full time staff rather than part timers.
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