They should get Wiggins to light the olympic flame

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as the title says really, i've not announced it yet so could say it was (maybe it actually was!) their plan all along!!

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  • BillyMansell
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    There's an ongoing discussion over on Pro Race about it;


    As I've said over there, I'd rather see an inspirational past champion do it than a current competing athlete.
  • seanorawe
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    Daly Thompson might have something to say about that
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  • chris_bass
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    he is a past champion and a competing athlete and just completed one of the greatest acheivements in sport! He gets my vote!

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  • estampida
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    Eddie the eagle

    400m lap with the torch on his skis and rubber suit, would be awesome
  • Monty Dog
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    Unlikely - I'm performing in the Opening Ceremony and we discussed this with Danny Boyle a while back (he's a big cycling fan too) but with the roadrace the next moring, I doubt Brad would want to be in the stadium the night before at midnight.
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  • Bozman
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    As long as Coe or Thompson don't do it i'm not bothered.
    I am slightly concerned that Danny Boyle is doing the opening ceremony because his films really are sh*te
  • southdownswolf
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    I think that Bradley will be more interested in what will be happening a few hours later, rather than lighting the flame.
  • smidsy
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    Steve Redgrave was muted as the front running candidate seeing as he has won more Olympic gold medals than anyone (GB) he is surely a worthy candidate?
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  • Michael J
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    Brilliant idea!
  • andyjr
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    Leave him alone so that he can prepare properly for the road race which is more important
  • As long as its not Will I am a dick head or some other B class "celeb"

    It should be a sporting hero so Wiggie would fit the bill perfectly
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