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Laggan Wolftrax

andymc06andymc06 Posts: 245
edited July 2012 in Routes
Going to Laggan Wolftrax in about 3 weeks. Anyone been / got any top tips to make the most of it? Pretty much planning to ride all of it in a day. It looks awesome.


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  • campbellrae1campbellrae1 Posts: 182
    You'll want some tough tyres as the rocks are pretty pointy and unless you are smooth you will puncture a fair bit on the black! It's an awesome trail centre though, well worth the visit! The cafe's very good and the shop well stocked as well.
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  • andymc06andymc06 Posts: 245
    Thanks for the reply. Really looking forward to it.
    If at first you don't succeed, spend some more money on kit!

    Giant Trance X3 2011
  • Paulie WPaulie W Posts: 1,492
    Haven't been there for a few years now - too long! - but used to be a regular. The Black is pretty technical by trail centre standards but doable by someone of decent skills but the main red (i.e. not the shared black/red trail) is very fast and you may find yourself repeating it several times. Give Air's Rock a try much easier than it looks from the top at first sight.
  • phzphz Posts: 478
    Have been up there for the last three years (sadly not going this year - North Wales instead).

    Green - - is cool for a warm up and the descent is actually quite fun if you give yourself space and ride it fast enough.

    Upper Red - - has a niggly techy climb up to the highest point, then a few techy, rocky sections before it opens out into a series of fast straights with small drops on them. Then a couple of rocky/steppy sections before a fast whoop through the woods and a climb back up if you do the Lower Red straight away. Apart from the first section from the top it's a fast fun trail.

    Lower Red - - opens with a few easy rocky sections before you hit the Airs Rock section (have bottled it every time personally but then I've only ever ridden there alone). You then climb back up through some woods before a cool, flowy switchback descent dotted with small rock sections. Then it's down onto the woodwork (easy but can be slippy off-camber if damp). Finishes with the bottom half of the Orange/Blue for a few jumps and whoops. Lower Red is probably my favourite Laggan trail as it has a bit of everything - just watch out for the families on BSOs with no helmets pootling along the boardwalk!

    Orange/Blue - - is the fun trail (Blue if you roll, Orange if you hammer), but is so short it's barely worth the ride or walk up (but is great if you use the uplift to session it!). Smooth, bermed, jumpy and whoopy. Is good to finish off the Upper Red with if you don't fancy the full climb back up to the Lower Red start.

    Have not ridden the Black yet so can't comment on that.

    Cafe is tops - Homemade Lentil Soup and/or Carrot Cake is my menu of choice.

    I'm not very fast or jumpy but hopefully the vids will give you some idea - would be interesting to be up there again soon now I have a different bike and Jedi's voice in my head to see how much quicker I would be.

    slainte 8) rob
  • andymc06andymc06 Posts: 245
    Cheers guys. I'm going to try to ride it all and will certainly give Airs Rock a go. Not long to wait now!
    If at first you don't succeed, spend some more money on kit!

    Giant Trance X3 2011
  • mrmonkfingermrmonkfinger Posts: 1,452
    The black route is really superb, tricksy enough to make it worth walking a few of the features before you ride them, its a very rewarding trail to ride.

    Both reds are pretty cool, too, and the orange bit is nice to finish on, particularly if you get up plenty of speed.

    Plus you got Fort Bill down the road, if you're in the area.
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