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Try as i might i just cant get on with clipless pedals, gives knee problems, i find the best set up is some old tioga surefoot 6 mountain bike pedals with strapless toeclips, now need to update these, which are the best current clipped pedals to go for?


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    If getting knee problems it's more likely set up to blame and not the clipless pedals, it took me quite a few attempts to get mine dialled in...end up with 1.5deg shim on one foot to get everything in line.

    I use both Spd on my MTB and Spd-Sl (look) type cleats on road bike, one thing to try is make sure you get cleats with float and not fixed.

    Mate of mine had knee prob and switched to speed play and gets on well with them as I think these have a lot more float available in them.

    Have a look at Steve Hoggs site for cleat fitting very useful info :)
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  • I struggled with knee pain for a while and then tried Speedplay Zeros.

    Due to the amount of float you can adjust them, they were really comfortable, easy to get in and out of.
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    It took me months to find the right cleat position for my SPD-SLs but my SPDs were spot on from day one. No idea why, logically it makes little sense as I have the yellow "with play" cleats. May be related to the SPD shoes being better padded and comfier too.
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    Get a professional bike fit done. Would be c.£100 and will sort your cleats and address a load of other issues you might not even know you had!
  • thanks for the info guys, will let you know which way i decide to go