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Swaines Lane Hill Climb 19 July 2012

dsoutardsoutar Posts: 1,746
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Had a good night out watching this. For those who are not aware:

Excellent turn out of competitors from young and old; good turn out of females too which is always good to see as I do worry that cycling is still perceived as very much a man's world. This was all topped of by the astonishing sign of a guy (and no spring chicken at that) attempting and almost suceeding on a unicycle.

Also a fairly reasonable turn out of spectators of a similar mix to the competitors.

A few observations:

1. Could the organisers please try and publicicise this more - it's such a unique event in London. Surely Cycling Weekly could run some sort of feature on it. Of the cyclists in my office, of which there are quite a few, no-one was aware of this. A similar story with my mates who I was there with.

2. Make it into a bigger event. I know that there's a certain cachet associated with it being such an amateur event and I'm certain that the local council and local residents don't want it to become sort of monster but I'm sure it could accomodate a few cycling related stalls.

3. Maybe have some volunteers clean up afterwards or even better try and educate the people watching to take their litter with them so that the good will that this event enjoys isn't compromised.

Finally well done to all those who took part - more than 250 !
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