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28 vs 23 tyes

anthdcianthdci Posts: 543
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My Specialized Tricross came with some junk 700x32c tyres that gave me 2 punctures in my first 5 rides. I got really sick so went for the most puncture resistant tyres I could find and dropped a size. So I now have a pair of Marathon Plus in 700x28c. They have done their job and I haven't had any flats as yet. But I am itching to get that bit more speed. Mix that with wanting to do some of my local club runs, and maybe a 70mile sportive in October. I am starting to think maybe the weight of the marathons is holding me back. On my commute I average anything from 13.5mph upto 15.5 depending on lights, traffic etc.

I am thinking since it is summer (supposedly) I could get a set of 23s and use them for the summer and faster runs, then when the weather gets bad go back to the marathons for the grip.

Would 23s make me noticeably faster? There's no point in changing for something that's going to make me 0.1mph quicker because hitting a green light can do that. If so which ones? There is soo much choice I don't know where to start.


  • tomb353tomb353 Posts: 196
    its unlikely that cyclocross rims that came with the bike will be designed to take 23mm tyres. google the rim part number and check. I'd suspect that 25m is the narrowest you could go, and even then you are pushing it a bit and may get a lot more punctures. Options may be:
    better quality lighter 28mm
    or get bikeshop to rebuild wheels with different rims that will take 23 or 28mm
    or go the whole gog and get a spare set of lighter wheels for summer that are designed for skinny tyres.
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  • clarkey catclarkey cat Posts: 3,641
    I use 28c continental 4 seasons on my touring wheels and they are great - light, grippy and puncture resistant.
  • anthdcianthdci Posts: 543
    tomb353 wrote:
    its unlikely that cyclocross rims that came with the bike will be designed to take 23mm tyres

    I checked that to start with. The same rims come with the Specialized Allez, they are "Alex S480, 32h" and that has 23c tyres. So I guess they do fit. I cant afford new rims at the moment.
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    I'd try 25mm tyres - I honestly think that they are as fast as 23mm tyres (on British roads anyway) & that little bit more comfortable. Also your rims are more likely to take them - I'd check this out though.

    You can get some fairly cheap ones. See: ... ccessories

    ...or for my favorite (fast summer) tyres I'd try Michelin Pro Race 3 in 25mm - FYI Pro Race 4s are out now but I'm still using the 3s & you can get them reduced.

    See review: ... .1526.html ... 648&sr=8-1

    The Michelin Optium tyres are very similar IMO. I tend to get my tyres to CRC, Wiggle or Ribble.

    You will notice a clear difference in acceleration & climbing especailly. On the flat you will be a little faster but it will be less obvious.
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