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So, who would you recommend?

For a trip to the Alps with the road bike.

I'd like my bike to be covered for loss/damage (alot of comapnies dont seem to do this)


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    I'm fairly sure bikes are covered for loss or damage anywhere in the world under M&S household insurance - as long as it's not a competitive event.

    If it's a new policy, you don't have to name the bike on the schedule if it's under £1000 - if the policy was set up over 12 months ago, then it's £4000 per bike.
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    Unfortunately I dont have M&S household insurance.

    It looks like Im going to have to bite the bullet and pay about £50 or so to go with Snowcard or someone like that.
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    I did a recent biking holiday in France and got my home contents insurance to cover me for loss/ damage for a very small addition to my policy. Direct line for whsts is worth, but probably a very much cheaper option
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    home contents insurance

    Whats that? :)
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    It's insurance that makes sure your house is satisfied. :wink: