Coast to Coast x2 over weekend.

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Hello everyone,

As per title, I have a double c2c coming up in about a week and a half. (to clarify, I lack details on exact route atm however it's a 150m each way, road only on road bikes without climbing anything I can't easily climb)

While this is going to be done with a group of people who have experience with longer distance rides, I myself am setting off on something of a kind for the first time.

Although I have received some advice already, I wanted to write up here as well in search of further advise, tips and other's experiences (whether double or single but I'd like to keep the topic on 1 day per c2c experiences).

Share your views, opinions etc as everything will be greatly appreciated and might come useful.

Thanks and lets see what comes up


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    Look east and start praying. If you've done no training for a 300 mile weekend in less than two weeks my advice would be to cancel.
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    Whats your general fitness like?

    If your fit you can probably do it, keep us updated!
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    Mouth wrote:
    Look east and start praying. If you've done no training for a 300 mile weekend in less than two weeks my advice would be to cancel.

    Ignore this pessimism and grind it out - you'll be amazed what you can manage if you're mentally ready for it
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    If you haven't done any hill training or long distance, I think you will really struggle. I've only been cycling since April and although done a few big hills still don't consider myself strong enough to take on a C2C just yet. I say just yet as I am planning on doing it in September. I would suggest you delay it unless you've done some good training. I am going for my biggest challenge in a months time taking on the 100 mile Wiggo Sportive which has some big hills. I struggled on the Manchester to Blackpool 62mile ride earlier in the month, although that might have something to do with doing it in under 3 hours 20mins!

    By the way, this was a draft route I have mapped for our C2C which is only 120miles but 10,000 feet of climbing - Even if you stick to the `main` roads ( which won't be easy in a big group ) I would still think you've got some fairly big hills to climb?
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    Was away for a bit so this slid down - I am interested still however

    OK I really should have clarified this as it clearly came across I'm planning this out of nowhere:

    Fitness should be fine imho:

    200-300 a week with about 100 in group on club rides
    100 5-6k feet solo no problem

    My question was really aimed at others' 100+/100+ in 2 days experiences: recovery in particular as well as small things that can make a big difference in a long run.

    Regardless however, unfortunately the group I was going to do it with fell apart leaving me somewhat hanging - I still want to do it and cycling alone for 2 days would be right up my street if not for the fact it's a bit dangerous in case of accident and of course harder and requiring more prep ... time I hardly have with Manchester 100 and Macc Monster not far off :(

    Still going to ponder this though ...